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Guardian B7 Comfort Harness

In development for over a year utilizing end-user insight and feedback, Guardian has put adjustability, mobility and ergonomics at the forefront to create the most comfortable harness in its class.  
Guardian B7 Harness
Guardian Senior Product Manager, Sean Wirth, said of the B7-Comfort Harness:

“We’re thrilled to launch this innovative harness into the market with numerous patents. The development of this product was driven by the user, so to finally be able to get it into their hands (or more precisely, on their body) is exciting. There are many innovative features on this harness, but we’re most eager about the industry-exclusive adjustable waist padding – which not only leads to greater comfort and fit, but also doubles as a tool bag attachment system.

We truly believe this harness will revolutionize the way people think about comfort and functionality in their height safety. The days of burdensome, uncomfortable fall protection is over, and we’re ushering in a new wave of products people will want to wear, not only for comfort and looks, but to help them perform their job better.”

Features of the B7-Comfort Harness include: 

Adjustable Waist Padding – An industry first, the B7-Comfort Harness allows up to 10” of adjustability to allow users to tailor a perfect fit – no matter their size. This adjustment method also creates an adjustable tool bag attachment system on the user’s hips.

DiaLock Torso Adjusters – Permits one-handed (even with gloves), precision adjustment of torso straps. Ultra-fine, double-locking click intervals mean adjustments stay where they are put with no creep or readjusting over the workday.

360-Degree Hip Mobility – An innovative O-ring design eliminates stiff stitching where the torso and legs meet, allowing unrestrictive and unparalleled leg movement with no binding, pinching, or tugging when moving across (or up) the jobsite. 

Advanced Padding Material and Design – Meticulously chosen and crafted shoulder, waist, and leg padding offers military-grade rip-stop nylon with UV and chemical-resistant rubber for the ultimate in protection and long-term durability. Interior surfaces are soft yet breathable to keep workers cool on the hottest days.

twICEme® Safety Technology – A technology based on NFC that allows you to voluntarily upload safety information to your equipment via the twICEme app. The app allows you to manage and access safety info, check product info and send coordinates. 

Easy-Reach Stand-up Dorsal D-Ring – Makes connecting simpler and more comfortable by keeping the D-ring easily accessible.   

The B7-Comfort Harness is anticipated in late April/early May 2023.

The launch of the B7-Comfort Harness caps off several innovations from Guardian featured at this year’s World of Concrete exhibition – all part of the company’s ongoing mission to simplify height safety.​

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