White Cap


Partnering with the Best

By working together with top suppliers across multiple market sectors, White Cap’s businesses are able to leverage our expansive branch structure, industry expertise and proven best practices to provide professional contractors with an unmatched customer experience.

Our sourcing model combines centralized purchasing and the selection of best-in-class suppliers with buying activity administered by each individual business at the local level. Our businesses independently plan and manage their purchasing strategies to meet the needs of their unique markets and customers.

By partnering with White Cap, our suppliers gain access to the combined strength of our broad range of products and services, a long-standing distribution partner with a track record of success and strong customer relationships.

Our Commitment to Suppliers

We partner directly with a wide network of preferred suppliers, combining industry expertise and a deep understanding of our customers, to tackle every challenge faced on the job. We understand that it takes a true partnership to deliver on our promise to customers and we hold that to the highest value. We are committed to ensuring that every supplier experience with White Cap is exceptional.

Our Commitment to Integrity

White Cap manages our business with the highest integrity, and our customers trust us to serve them with honor and professionalism. One of the many ways we champion this responsibility is by partnering with suppliers who share our company values and long-standing commitment to upholding ethical principles.

To ensure that our suppliers are upholding our shared commitment to integrity, our suppliers must meet our screening requirements for fraud, employment, and pay practices (such as age requirements, no forced labor, non-discrimination, freedom of expression and association, wages, and work hours), emergency planning, and environmental health and safety.

Our goal as a company is to build trust with our valued customers, and we believe that same commitment to building trust should extend to our partners as well.