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Rebar Stock and Fabrication

White Cap stocks and fabricates more rebar than any other construction supplies distributor in America!

From welded cages to custom bends, White Cap is your one-stop rebar shop! We have all the concrete reinforcing products and services to meet your plan specs and business needs. Talk to our experienced pros about White Cap’s specialized support services for any stage of your project, including our trusted estimating, detailing and shop drawing services. A team with decades of combined concrete, construction, and contractor experiences, our specialists are extremely knowledgeable, technically savvy, and they’re here to support you every step of the way. 

You can count on White Cap for:

  • Custom fab and welded cages made to your specs
  • Standard size rings and pier cage stirrups in stock
  • Detailing and shop drawing services
  • Scheduled on-time delivery
  • Buy it by the bar or the ton


Why Use Rebar?

Rebar, an abbreviation for 'reinforcing bar', is used primarily to increase the tensile and shear strength in concrete structures. 

Rebar reinforces concrete by reducing the weight load that the concrete must bear, which increases its tensile strength and added stability. This added strength makes reinforced concrete floor slabs, walls, posts, and foundations more structurally sound.

Regardless of how concrete is mixed, poured, or finished, concrete has an inherent tendency to crack. Understanding this characteristic, we can maintain structural integrity, control where, and to what extent the cracks will happen by reinforcing concrete with rebar.


Estimating, Detailing, & Shop Drawing Services Available

Rebar detailing involves making CAD shop drawings of steel reinforcement construction, taking into account the practical limitations of rebar shape and length. White Cap shop drawings detail precise placement; fabrication; bends, shapes, and lap splices;  amount needed; descriptions; rebar size; laps of reinforcing steel; and measurements. Such detailed shop drawings make installation faster.

We can provide a detailed materials list with competitive pricing that also indicates the quantities you’ll need to build any concrete structure reinforced with rebar and wire mesh. We understand what general contractors look for in a bid, and we use that knowledge, along with our product and construction experiences, to develop the most economical and detailed estimate that doesn’t compromise quality, reliability, accuracy, or safety.

When you’re awarded the contract, our custom fabrication shop can turn the detailed CAD designs into custom cuts and bends for faster installation.  

We’re America’s #1 Rebar Stock Supplier

White Cap stocks Grade 40 (280), and Grade 60 (420) rebar, meeting ASTM specifications, available in varying grades, yield strength, bend test requirements, and composition. No other construction supplier stocks more rebar than White Cap!

Grade 40 rebar is easy to bend, making it perfect for residential construction.

Due to its high carbon content, Grade 60 rebar has increased vertical strength. Use in high-stress applications such as dams, atomic power stations, and commercial building construction.

Epoxy coated rebar or corrosion-resistant rebar is also available. It may be used in place of conventional reinforcing bars to strengthen the concrete and protect against corrosion.

ASTM Standard Reinforcing Bars & Weight Conversion


Cut to size rebar


We Specialize in Custom Rebar Fabrication

As the nation’s #1 construction supplier for custom cut and bending rebar fabricator, White Cap’s experienced professionals can handle any size project, accommodate your construction schedule and unique design specs while providing on-time scheduled delivery. Using the latest technology, our rebar fabrication facilities offer precise state-of-the-art spool-fed rebar fabrication machines to quickly process large orders, minimize waste, and save you money. We also work with straight rebar (typically 40 ft. Grade 60) on manual benders and automated shears.

Uniform SKU System
For Stock Fabricated Rebar


Rebar Profiles and Standard Bar Bends

View the ACI’s Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete Rebar Profiles and Standard Bends by clicking the links below.

Available Rebar Profiles

Rebar Standard Bends

Get directions to a rebar fab shop near you




North Carolina


New Jersey

Fort Worth


Every Column Form Needs a Cage

Most White Cap locations stock all the common sizes of rebar round cages, footing forms, and space wheels. We can help you save time, increase productivity, and maximize profits
Discover better prices and location specific benefits