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Surface Shields 36'' x 100' (300 Sqft) Anti- Slip Floor Protection Mat

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Surface Shields
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Product Details

With its non-slip backing, and its strong and even adhesion to surfaces, the KORUSER Floor Protection Mat prevents accidents and hazards to a significant degree in spaces where it is applied. This mat protects the floor against stains caused by spillage of liquids such as paint, etc. It's breathable texture prevents moisture from accumulating on surfaces. Being easy to transport and apply, it can be re-used with convenience. Having a low rate of waste, it saves on time and expenses. Thanks to its advantages and superior qualities, KORUSER Floor Protection Mat is a modern product which can be used in a variety of applications. INSTRUCTIONS:Turn off floor heating before laying Koruser. Wipe or vacuum clean the underlaying surface for better adhesion. Ambient temperature 50-77 F. Ambient humidity less than 60%. Wait at least 72 hours after applying any type of finish coat on the underlying flooring. Follow the drying time instructions indicated by the finish coating manufacturer and always perform a small. Test to ensure the floor is fully dry. Apply the product in 4’’ overlapping strips.

  • Easily spread over all ground surfaces such as wood and marbel, and it enables a secure working environment through its sure-footed design feature.
  • Can also be applied to stairs, corners, frames, baseboards without needing tape
  • Paint and liquid proof coating ensures reusability and surface damage protection
  • Breathable structure vaporizes the remaining moisture on the ground and eliminates it
  • Less expensive and half the weight of masonite
  • Can be seamed together for large areas
  • Tough enough to be driven on
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