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Ergodyne Squids 3703EXT Extended Elastic Loop 15 lb Swivel Tool Tails Attachment Point - 3 pack

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Product Details

Squids® 3703 Elastic Tool Tether Attachments act as a retrofit attachment point on tools, belts, harnesses or structures that can be used to tether tools up to 15lbs // 6.8kg and prevent dropped or falling objects from occurring on the job.Built for versatile and secure attachment to tools, this anchor attachment features a stretchable nylon loop end plus adjustable barrel lock on one end and a plated D-ring on the other. Once the loop end of the tail is secured to the tool or anchor point, the D-ring acts as a captive hole for tethering tool lanyards. For best use, reinforce the loop end of the tool tail with Squids® Self-Adhering Tape or Cold Shrink Tool Traps. Available in two sizes: Standard and Extended. When working at-heights, it’s essential to tether your tools. Fall protection lanyards and tethers are pieces of safety equipment designed to attach one end securely to a fixed anchor point, and the other to an appropriate attachment point on a tool by proper tethering.

  • MEETS ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 - Third party certified to an 15lbs // 6.8kg maximum working capacity with a 2:1 safety factor
  • Third-party certified to a 2:1 safety factor
  • RETROFIT ATTACHMENT POINT FOR TOOL TETHERING - Affix to hand tools, tool belts, harnesses or structures to create an attachment point for tethering tool lanyards
  • STRETCHABLE LOOP END + ADJUSTABLE BARREL LOCK - Nylon stretch cord threads and cinches around tools or structures
  • DURABLE D-RING - Captive hole for attaching tool lanyards
  • LENGTH - Standard: 15in // 38cm, Extended: 18in // 46cm
  • MULTI-PACK - Includes 3 tool tether attachments; also available in 60-count bulk packs
  • Standard length - 15in // 38cm
  • Extended length - 18in // 46cm
  • Maximum safe working capacity: 15lbs (6.8kg)
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