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Owens Corning Pinkbar® Fiberglas™ Rebar

Owens Corning Pinkbar® Fiberglas™ Rebar
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PINKBAR® Fiberglas™ Rebar by Owens Corning Infrastructure Solutions is designed as a cost-effective, lightweight, rustproof concrete reinforcement solution for residential and commercial applications, including parking lots, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, driveways and more. Enhance your jobsite install experience with a lighter rebar that's easier to cut - helping increase your productivity while saving on labor costs. 

Performance Attributes:

Less weight. Less Install time. Fewer truckloads
  • Up to 7x LIGHTER than steel**
  • Cut install time in half*
  • Save on transportation
Less overall cost

From purchase to install, users can save an average of 33% on total-cost compared to steel*

More strength

PINKBAR® Fiberglas™ Rebar is 2x stronger in tensile strength compared to the same size diameter of grade 60 steel.

More durability

PINKBAR® Fiberglas™Rebar will never rust, making concrete structures more durable, especially in corrosive environments.

Pinkbar usage: Residential and Commercial

*Based on average estimates of a conventional 6″ thick rectangle slab, $60 per hour labor rate. Pricing and labor rates can vary by region and fluctuations in the market.  
**Comparing #3 PINKBAR® with #4 steel rebar. #3 PINKBAR® replaces #4 steel rebar in flatwork applications requiring reinforcement for shrinkage crack mitigation.

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