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Available September 2024

Enhancing Efficiency for Concrete Contractors

DEWALT's POWERSHIFT line offers a suite of electric-powered tools poised to transform the construction industry. These tools prioritize efficiency, sustainability, and user comfort, making them ideal for concrete contractors seeking reliable equipment.

Here’s why it's a game-changer:

Unified Battery System

At the core of the POWERSHIFT series is its unified battery system, streamlining compatibility and eliminating the need for multiple battery types. Engineered for high performance, these tools deliver consistent power comparable to traditional gas-powered counterparts, crucial for heavy-duty tasks common in concrete work.

Sustainability Contribution

One notable advantage of the POWERSHIFT series is its sustainability contribution. By transitioning from gas to electric power, these tools reduce emissions and minimize noise pollution, particularly beneficial for projects in urban areas where noise restrictions apply.

Egronomic Design

The ergonomic design of POWERSHIFT tools prioritizes user comfort and safety, addressing the physical demands of concrete work. Designed to reduce strain and fatigue, these tools are well-suited for extended use on demanding job sites.

Diverse Range of Tools

With a diverse range of tools tailored to specific construction needs, such as precision drills and user-friendly saws, the POWERSHIFT lineup offers versatility for concrete contractors. However, the real-world durability and longevity of these electric tools under demanding conditions remain to be tested in the field.

In summary, DEWALT's POWERSHIFT range distinguishes itself with its unified battery system, sustainability focus, ergonomic design, and diverse tool offerings tailored to concrete construction needs. While their features are promising, the true measure of their effectiveness will be in the hands of concrete professionals on various job sites.


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Discover the new DEWALT POWERSHIFT™ Cordless Equipment System for epic performance and runtime. Don’t wait to start, stop to refuel, or be limited by gas a second longer. Put the power in your hands and TAKE CONTROL™ with DEWALT POWERSHIFT™.  

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image of two workers having a conversation