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DeWalt Concrete Sensors

DeWalt Concrete Sensors Banner
DeWalt Concrete Sensors Banner

Real-Time Concrete Curing Data and Accurate AI Predictions Viewable from Any Device

  • Build up to 30% faster with real-time concrete curing data
  • Curing milestone alerts, materials performance analytics, accurate AI predictions, and BIM integration
  • AI predictions viewable from any device and powered by Dewalt Signal Sensors

Here's why it's a game-changer:

DEWALT and Converge have joined forces to introduce AI-based solutions and sensors aimed at reducing carbon emissions from concrete.

ConcreteDNA Sensors

A new line of ConcreteDNA compatible sensors were launched at the 2024 World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas.

Concrete's Environmental Impact

Concrete production is a major contributor to carbon emissions, accounting for up to 8% of all man-made emissions globally due to its energy-intensive manufacturing process.

DEWALT Signal Sensor

DEWALT's wireless concrete sensor, the DEWALT Signal Sensor, provides real-time data to Converge's ConcreteDNA platform.

ConcreteDNA Functionality

ConcreteDNA interprets data from the DEWALT Signal Sensor, allowing users to monitor concrete strength gain and predict critical strength using AI and local weather data.

Benefits for Contractors

Contractors can leverage this technology to start work earlier by accurately measuring concrete hardening, reducing reliance on estimation. Additionally, they can optimize mix designs to minimize carbon emissions without compromising performance or safety.

Environmental Impact

Lower embodied carbon concrete mixes can be produced, contributing to overall carbon emission reduction efforts in construction.

Easy Setup

DeWalt Concrete Sensors Banner Easy Setup

Converge, a leading concrete material and operations optimization company, and DEWALT, a leader in total jobsite solutions, released a strategic partnership to help decarbonize construction through Converge's revolutionary AI-based platform, ConcreteDNA, powered by data from DEWALT's new wireless concrete sensor, the DEWALT Signal Sensor.

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