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Gloves By Trade

White Cap stocks professional-grade quality work gloves to handle almost any task you’ll perform, from concrete and carpentry to electrical and chemical and everything in between. This chart shows the material glove type you’ll need to protect you and your crew.

Gloves vary by how they’re made, what they’re made from, material thickness, size, grip, fit, and weight. Rule of thumb: light-weight gloves reduce fatigue and provide more finger and hand flexibility while heavier gloves are geared for heavy duty tasks where more protection is needed from cuts, burning, abrasions, and heat. If you’re working with liquids, especially chemicals, be sure to choose gloves with strong grips. And when you need disposable gloves, White Cap stocks them by the box and case.

Glove Chart High Level

Leather Gloves

Everyone’s favorite! A tough general-purpose long-lasting glove that handles construction, industrial, DIY, and heavy-duty tasks with excellent protection from welding sparks and moderate heat while reducing general work cuts and abrasions. Variety of styles including cuffs, hide quality, oil-resistance, heavy duty fitter and lineman options, driver-style for a snug fit, high visibility, heat resistance, and various thumb cuts to fit every task and every budget.

Popular Leather Gloves

Coated Gloves

We stock a variety of ANSI cut-rated superior coated gloves with innovative grip technologies and comfortable liners for applications including cleanrooms. Resistant to abrasions, cuts, impact, water, oil, and chemicals, our high-performance coated gloves are comfortable, come in high visibility options, electrostatic, provide high dexterity, palm-coated or total glove coated, and winter/cold adaptive with fitted cuffs. 

Popular Coated Gloves

Chemical Gloves

Chemical-resistant gloves are specially designed to be resistant to specific chemical categories, or even a specific chemical. Specially designed and tested for explicit chemicals, these gloves are carefully manufactured with different barrier materials and thicknesses based upon their chemical use. White Cap carries a large selection of chemically resistant gloves ranging from butyl, latex, and neoprene, in lengths ranging from short splash protection (wrist length) to immersion (elbow length) gloves, and the hard-to-find gloves for sterile environments and white rooms. Some gloves offer finger grips, temperature control, extra finger dexterity, and fitted elastic cuffs. Be sure to always inspect your gloves for punctures, discolorations, and wear before using.

Popular Chemical Gloves


Disposable Gloves

We stock a wide variety of disposable latex, vinyl, nitrile and polyethylene options in varying thicknesses, ranging from ultra-thin to thicker options, in several colors, and price ranges. Useful for industrial and light chemical contact. Excellent tear resistance, molds to fit hands for easy flexibility, long shelf life, and prevents cross-contamination. Designed to be used only once and then disposed properly. Vinyl options are best suited for tasks where chemical contamination are not a concern. Vinyl gloves are a looser fit, and more economical, but have a shorter life span and are less durable.

Popular Disposable Gloves

Welding Gloves

An incredible selection of leather flame-resistant ANSI Z49.1 approved gloves for stick, TIG and MIG welders, cutters, and similar industries. Offering splatter and extreme heat-resistant protections, leather or fabric hems/gauntlets, heavily padded options to prevent electrocution and injury, but lightweight and flexible enough so you maintain total control. We’ve got you covered.

Popular Welding Gloves

Anti-Vibration Gloves

Designed to dampen vibrations from high impact tools such as chainsaws, jack hammers and other hand tools, these innovative gloves also protect against metacarpal injuries, nerve damage, and Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HVAS) depending upon the type of glove you choose. We have a huge selection of half- and full-finger gloves with padded palms, multiple layer protection against vibrations, and Kevlar® lined impact resistance gloves. 


Popular Anti-Vibration Gloves

Need a Hand?

With so many choices, sometimes choosing the right work glove may seem confusing. Or, you may not see what you need. We can help. Based on our years of experience and extensive product knowledge, we can help you choose the best high quality work gloves for any task on any project to meet your budget. Come visit us at your nearest store or call 800-944-8322.
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