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Waterproofing Systems

The cost to repair damage from water intrusion in buildings is staggering in commercial, institutional, and residential markets. Contractors can rely on a wide range of solutions and techniques that prevent water intrusion and aid in the new construction, repair, and rehabilitation-renovation that occurs in a structure’s life.


Waterstops prevent water from seeping into concrete cold joints or dilation joints. Waterproofing membranes prevent water ingress into a structure’s roof, walls, basement, and foundation. Understanding the types and applications of waterstops and membranes is critical to protecting a structure’s integrity.

Air and Vapor Barriers

Once an add-on, air barriers and vapor barriers are quickly becoming a standard detail on commercial and residential projects. They are recognized to be an effective return on investment.

Waterproofing Coatings

Coatings provide physical protection for concrete and other substrates from damage due to wear, water damage, and moisture intrusion. Contractors should encourage their clients to opt for long-term solutions by selecting coating systems that are designed for high-performance results.
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