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Introduction to Jobsite Lighting

Lighting your jobsite properly increases worker efficiency and safety. Find out how to light your next job.

Factors to Consider when Selecting Lighting

There are many factors that can influence a lighting plan for a construction jobsite. From selecting a power source to determining the specific type of light that you will need, the lighting needs for a jobsite can vary for each project. Here’s a quick guide to get you started.

Types of Lighting

There’s a wide range of lighting equipment that’s available, giving you a lot of choices for how to illuminate each construction project. Let’s look at the various types of lighting options and their application for optimizing visibility at your jobsites.

Electrical and Lighting Accessories for Jobsites

Understanding which electrical and lighting accessories are available and when to use them can keep your construction projects humming along. Check out some of the more popular accessory options you can use on your jobsites.

Lighting Maintenance & Storage

Like all construction equipment, you’ll need to maintain your lighting equipment, including personal lighting. Since most lighting is designed to be mobile, they are typically easy to store.
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