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Hard Hats and Accessories

Hard Hats: 100 Years of Evolution

Your brain is your body’s command center; it controls everything you do. Protecting your head is your most important priority. Discover how hard hats evolved from tar-covered caps to become a powerful icon that represents the American worker.


Shop Hard Hats

Full Brim, Cap Style, and Accessories

White Cap stocks a huge inventory of traditional hard hats and accessories from America’s most trusted brands. Designed to provide protection from falling objects, with add-ons like high wattage headlights, warming liners, or other accessories.

Safety Helmets & Accessories

When working at heights, safety helmets offer the best protection over a traditional hard hat. We stock a wide variety of high-density expanded polystyrene (EPS)-lined safety helmets that are designed to distribute impact evenly in the case of a fall.

How to Choose the Right Hard Hat

There are several key considerations when choosing the best hard hat for your crew, including types and classes of hard hats, and suspensions.

Personal Protection on the Jobsite

Per OSHA, contractors must provide personal protection for their crews. We can help you get your head in the game, learn applicable OSHA standards, and ensure that your crew is wearing the appropriate protective gear for their roles.

Safety Helmets vs Hard Hats

Specific hard hats are required by OSHA for specific tasks. Wearing the proper hard hat protects against insurance claims, lost productivity, and could save a life!
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