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Diamond Saw Blades

How Diamond Blades Work

How Do Diamond Saw Blades Work?

Diamond saw blades can be engineered to cut a variety of materials and can be made to meet specifications for cutting speed, life of the blade, or cost. Considering the variables, one supplier we work with at White Cap has over one million recipes for diamond saw blades!

Diamond segments are made with synthetic diamond crystals of different sizes and shapes, which are blended and cast together in a matrix of metal powders (the bond). Segments are attached to round metal blade cores with different processes such as sintering (casting), laser welding, brazing, or types of plating.

Diamond saw blades don’t actually “cut” the material, but rather grind away using exposed surface diamonds that are held in the bond. Eventually the diamonds fracture and as the bond wears, new diamonds are exposed. This process continues until the segment is worn down to the core.

Importance of Selecting and Using the Right Diamond Blade

Choosing the right diamond blade for your job is important to your product's success. The diamond blade you choose can make or break a project. Here are the main points to consider in proper blade selection. 

How to Select the Right Diamond Blade

Selecting the right tools and equipment for the job is critical for success--and safety. From your equipment to the materials you are cutting, here are the factors involved in selecting the right blade for your project.

How Often Should I Replace My Diamond Blades?

How can you tell if you need to replace your diamond blade? Check out these signs of wear and tear, as well as tips on how to do a thorough visual inspection of your blades.

Staying Safe When Using Diamond Saws and Blades

Staying safe on the job involved basic safety procedures when using equipment on the jobsite, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Adminstration (OSHA) current standards. You should also have these safety items and know how to avoid kickback.



Looking for high-quality diamond blades for your next construction project? White Cap’s offering of Power Tool Equipment & Accessories can help you get the job done.

White Cap has a variety of Power Tool Equipment and Accessories for the professional contractor. We carry a large line of professional-grade power tools and accessories. Whether you need Abrasive Belts, Burs, Wheels and Blades, Diamond Saw Blades, or other Saw Blades and Accessories, we've got you. 


Types of Diamond Blades:

There are many types of diamond blades, including Crack Chasers and Tuck Point Blades, Diamond Cutting Blades, and Diamond Early Entry Blades. Each type of blade is made for a specific purpose. Knowing what type of blade you need for the specific job improves efficiency and keeps you safe.

Frequently Asked Questions about Diamond Blades:

  1. Are diamond blades for concrete?
    Yes, diamond blades are strong enough to cut through concrete. Plus, diamond blades make clean, professional cuts on concrete. Diamond blades are also strong enough to cut through marble, granite, brick, and other hard surfaces. 

  2. How do you sharpen a diamond blade?
    A diamond blade is sharpened with a sharpening block. For your safety, if you're not experienced sharpening diamond blades, have a professional, or someone with more experience than you, do the sharpening (at least the first few times).

  3. How long does a diamond blade last?
    A diamond blade's lifespan depends on use. The more you use your diamond blade, the sooner it needs to be sharpened or replaced.

To learn more about diamond blades, read these articles:

Need power tools and accessories for your next project? White Cap has you covered. Our specialists can give you invaluable advice to help your construction job get done right and as safely as possible.
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