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Concrete Repair and Restoration

Introduction to Concrete Repair

Concrete is a very durable construction material when placed properly. Yet, when exposed to the effects of time, use, and weather, concrete’s service life can be reduced. This is when the hardened material can exhibit surface defects, discolorations, and even cracks. When you discover these types of issues, it pays to be well versed on how to identify the problems, causes, and the best approach to the repairs.

Shop Concrete Repair and Restoration

Preplanning Your Concrete Repair

For most contractors, repairing concrete often involves fixing common surface defects such as popouts and dusting, addressing static cracks in floors and walls, or replacing worn control joints. 

While these type of repairs are common and don’t require a detailed work plan, you still need to do some prep work to make sure your repairs are durable and aesthetically pleasing. With the right combination of surface prep tools, repair materials, and support expertise, you’ll be able to take on these projects.

Five Factors that Can Lead to a Durable Concrete Repair

Contractors hate call backs. One of the greatest challenges in the concrete repair business is developing and executing a plan to install a durable repair. In repair terms “durable repairs” are more than patches. You’re striving to provide the client with a repair to a defect that should not require further attention for the designed service life of the structure on to which it’s been made. 

Tips for Selecting the Right Repair Material

Choosing the right material for your repair project is one of your key responsibilities when finalizing your planning. For some large concrete repairs, the best option might be a load of ready-mixed concrete. But most repair projects require smaller volumes and are best served with pre-mixed packaged products or other repair treatment materials.

Incorporating Quality Control into Your Repair Project

Concrete repairs can be complex and demanding. Adopting some simple quality control procedures during and after the project will protect you and help ensure a durable repair.
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