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Concrete and Masonry Saws

Shop Concrete and Masonry Saws

Understanding Concrete Saws

Concrete saws are your go-to tools to cut, shape, remove and joint the many types of concrete construction you do every day. Like other tools of the trade in your job boxes, these workhorses have undergone important updates in the last few years.

Benefits of Cutting Joints in Concrete Slabs Following Placement

There are two types of concrete. Cracked concrete and concrete that's going to crack. Proper joint placement in concrete slabs can help control where and how cracks are contained.

Selecting the Best Saw for a Concrete Cutting Job

Contractors need the right saw for the task at hand to be sure that the job goes faster, safer, and results in a higher quality cut. White Cap offers a wide range of concrete saws designed to provide you the best return on your investment. Be sure to also check out our related Concrete Saw Accessories.

Maintaining Your Concrete and Masonry Sawing Equipment

Your sawing equipment includes the important tools you rely on to perform some of the toughest tasks on a jobsite. By adopting some simple maintenance best practices, you will keep your crew safe and compliant.

Concrete Saw Safety

Cutting concrete with all saws is a potentially dangerous operation. You can lessen operator exposure to risk by taking several key steps. By focusing on some simple yet effective best practices, you’ll be able to have not only a safe operation, but a productive one.

Why You Should Select Abrasive Chainsaws to Cut Pipe Below Grade

Learn how recent research has concluded that cutting pipe in a trench with an abrasive chainsaw is more effective than using a circular cut-off saw, and also greatly reduces the risk of kickback.
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