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Caulk and Grease Guns

Shop Caulk Guns

Factors to Consider When Buying a Caulk Gun

More than just a generic tool, caulking guns can be configured to match your most common applications and projects. When you have the right caulking gun, you can not only save on material costs, but you’ll leave a better-looking project.

Selecting the Right Caulking Gun Type for Your Project

The right caulking gun configuration will help you craft the perfect bead, and selecting the right type of caulking gun will help you be more productive and experience less fatigue on those tough jobs.

Accessorizing Your Caulking Gun System

Along with selecting the right caulking gun that matches your most common jobs, you can increase your productivity by building a caulking system that allows you to take on those challenges that happen on every job. These accessories enable you to apply material to those tough-to-reach spots.

13 Tips on How to Use Your Caulking Gun to its Greatest Efficiency

While applying caulk and other construction materials with a caulking gun may seem like a relatively easy task, contractors can follow some simple tips that will take their quality and efficiency to the next level.

Maintaining Your Caulking Gun

Like all tools in your job box, caulking guns, while very durable, still require some periodic maintenance. A well-maintained tool will help you place the perfect bead with all types of materials in all types of operating conditions. Let’s look at some simple steps that will help you gain a better return on your investment.
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