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Makita XGT Tool and Equipment System

Makita XGT System® is a new 40v | 80v max system of cordless equipment and tools. Makita XGT System®outpowers, outsmarts, and outlasts the rest. Through Makita’s innovative engineering, the technology within XGT will lead to creating the equipment and tools of the future.



Get a Completely Cordless Jobsite
The LXT® system handles most applications, but for high-demand applications that use corded, gas or air, the XGT system delivers higher-powered solutions. With 40v max and 80v max XGT products, pros can fully experience a battery-powered job site.

Purpose-Built Brushless Motors
Rare earth magnets of the highest quality are engineered within the brushless motors to maximize power and performance. 

Makita XGT products feature purpose-built brushless motors with more copper windings for increased power output.

Battery/Tool Digital Communication
Digital communication between XGT tools and batteries through enhanced digital communication technology optimize performance to deliver up to 2x longer sustained power during demanding applications. Built-in microchips in both tool and battery allow for real-time communication, actively monitoring heat, overload, and over-discharge.

Impact Absorbent Structure
Durable outer casing and cell holder create space within the battery to absorb impact.

Water & Dust-Resistance
The battery’s water and dust-resistant triple layer structure and an enhanced terminal structure are engineered to protect against water and dust for any jobsite condition.

Multi-Layer Surface Contacts
Multi-layer surface contacts within tool and battery are designed to take on high current demands.

Rapid Optimum Charging System
XGT charger’s dual cooling fans digitally communicate before and during the charging process, evaluating battery condition to deliver a consistent fast charge. 

Charges LXT batteries with adapter.* 


One system. High demands.

40v max
The XGT system is the next generation of technology, engineered to achieve the optimum power required for heavier load applications without sacrificing run time. These high-powered products are the one-battery solution to handle the most demanding jobs and environments.

80v max (40v max x2)
Two batteries mean more power! Makita-built brushless motors, along with two 40v max XGT batteries, deliver the power and performance required for heavy-load applications. By using two 40v max XGT batteries, you get 80v of power within one system. The increased power and performance allow XGT cordless equipment and tools to rival corded tools and gas equipment.
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