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Compliance and Safety Guide

The safety standard for power distribution is UL1640. Make sure you’re compliant and your equipment meets the following standards and avoid these pitfalls:


  • Class A-rated GFCI protection (trip level between 4-6 mA) on all 15 and 20 amp 125 Volt circuits
  • Branch-level circuit protection
  • Open neutral and reverse phasing
  • 240 volt shut-off circuitry
  • NEMA 3R outdoor-rated construction
  • Structural integrity with no risk of collapse, fire or conductivity


  • GFCI Modules and Circuit Breakers Protecting Multiple Circuits - This invites overload on those components
  • GFCI Receptacles - They do not provide the required 240 volts shut off circuitry
  • Power Distribution Mounted on Wood - This does not meet the requirements for structural integrity (fireproof, weather protection and collapse proof)


  • Puts power closer to the work area
  • Protects tools against under-current burnout
  • Allows quick set-up and removal
  • Reduces the cost of labor and materials
  • Reduces extension cord clutter on the job site
  • Helps reduce liability because all equipment downstream of the power source is code compliant, agency listed and safe
  • Protects against line-side power deficiencies
  • Protects circuits against over-voltage damage

Temp Power Safety Products

Hero Image

CEP 6 Outlet U/G Ul Yellow Temporary Power Box

SKU#: 1356506GU
Hero Image

CEP Yellow T/L Cage Ul Temporary Power Box

SKU#: 1358706G
Hero Image

CEP 50 A Temporary Power Box 6 Outlet

SKU#: 1356506G
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