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Milwaukee Redstick™ Concrete Level

The Milwaukee REDSTICK™ Concrete Levels are BUILT FOR CONCRETE across a variety of screeding and smoothing applications with a magnesium base and overall design that is easy to clean after the messiest concrete jobs. Milwaukee REDSTICK™ Concrete Levels take a 2-tool operation down to one by allowing you to screed, smooth and level with the same tool. The magnesium base features a 2" wide working surface with a rounded edge for smoothing and an angled edge optimized for screeding. All Milwaukee REDSTICK™ Concrete Levels feature an ALL-METAL CORE that ensures these products will last through the most demanding concrete jobs over time.



  • Magnesium Core eliminates common frame deformations seen in box levels.
  • A unique keyhole design provides a continuous grip and maximum durability, ensuring these concrete tools will last through the most demanding concrete jobs.
  • The reinforced frame creates a more secure and protected vial setting to protect accuracy and prevent damage or loosening.
  • The magnesium, TPE and plastic components make it light weight and easy to clean after messiest concrete jobs.

Sharpsite Vial Technology

  • Concrete Levels feature SHARPSITE™ Vial Technology for the best readability and accuracy.
  • Black bands on the vials create high contrast edges that make the magnified bubble easier to read. Delivering precision-grade accuracy during critical applications such as water run-off for sidewalks, driveways, and curbs.
  • The SHARPSITE™ vials are engineered with high-impact acrylic which delivers 10X more durability than the standard competitive block vials
  • REDSTICK™ concrete levels boast Multiple Vials for level and plumb, but also for pitch (1/8" and 1/4"), which is critical for determining run-of.


Milwaukee REDSTICK™ Concrete Levels are designed to meet the needs on the jobsite and backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty as well as a Lifetime Accuracy Guarantee*.