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Introducing the TLK 100 Wave™ Two-Way Radio

The WAVE two-way radio can be deployed out of the box ready for immediate team collaboration. The radios operate on a nationwide cellular network allowing for radio-like communication. They also allow for immediate remote updating anywhere across the country and provide communication and location tracking while meeting federal safe driving requirements. The WAVE two-way radio also utilizes a subscription-based service that easily scales to meet your business needs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Built Tough - Designed to perform in harsh working environments
  • Location Tracking - Manage your workforce using GPS
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity - Stay in touch where cellular coverage may be limited
  • Long Battery Life - 18 hours of battery life

Motorola Talk 100 Wave Procedure

  1. Review the product features and benefits of the TLK 100 Wave Radio and accessory with the customer. Print the Astra order form, designated radio form (if applicable), and contract located below. Note: the customer may bring in their completed forms.
  2. Create a White Cap quote. Print the Astra activation form, designated radio form (if applicable), and agreement located below. Ask the customer to complete the Astra forms (if they haven’t done so already). Email the forms to Astra at
  3. Allow up to 24 hours for approval by Astra. Once the customer is approved, change the quote into a sales order, add the promo code and book the order. Collect payment for any items that are not included in the Free Radio with 2-year Contract promo and provide a sales order receipt to the customer.
  4. Create a P.O. to Astra, making sure all info is correct. Email the P.O. to Astra to have all product shipped to the customer’s local branch. (Note: this promotion does not qualify for direct shipping).
  5. Once the product is received at the local branch, the branch will need to notify the customer that the radios are available for pick-up or truck delivery.
  6. The customer must sign the invoice as proof of delivery of final product.
  7. The HDS C&I Finance team will tally all promo code records at month’s end for reimbursement and send an invoice to Astra for payment. Once the payment is received, accounting will reconcile monthly promo code chargebacks to the branches.

Special Highlights

  • Selling Price Per Radio is $299.99
  • Promo Code is for TLK100 Wave Radios only and does not include accessories.
  • Two-year activation of service is required for free radio purchase. Customer is also subject to an early termination fee of $350.00 during the first year and $175.00 for the second year. The agreement includes one free radio per line of service activation.


Important Documents

Activation Form

Designated Radio Form


Additional Information

  1. TLK 100 Wave Brochure
  2. TLK 100 Wave Flyer

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