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Articles on Heat Stress and Working in the Heat:
Heat Stress Awareness is Critical with Increased PPE (English | Spanish)
Placing Concrete When the Heat is On (English | Spanish)
How to Work Safely in the Heat (English | Spanish)

Know how to stay cool on the job? More than 10 million US workers are adversely affected by heat every year.

These prevention tips can keep you cool this summer.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Keep water and electrolyte replacement fluids on your jobsite. A good rule of thumb is one quart per hour for every worker.



Hero Image

Igloo Workman Series 50 qt HDPE Ice Cooler

SKU#: 21800050198
Hero Image

Igloo Workman Series 120 qt HDPE Ice Cooler

SKU#: 21800050199
Hero Image

Igloo White Cap 5 Gal. Cooler

SKU#: 104PL5
Hero Image

Igloo White Cap 10 Gal. Cooler

SKU#: 104PL10
Hero Image

Igloo 2 Gal. Industrial Water Cooler

SKU#: 104PL2
Hero Image

Igloo 4.5 oz. Rolled Rim Paper Cup

SKU#: 10425010

Provide Ample Shade

When the sun is blazing, shady areas on the jobsite are vital. If there’s no natural shade, substitute canopies or tarps. Have shade for 25 percent of your crew at least.

Shelters & First Aid

Hero Image

E-Z UP 10 ft. x 10 ft. Royal Blue Vista Tent Canopy

SKU#: 104VS9104BL
Hero Image

Heat Stress First Aid Responder Kit

SKU#: 444BR12536

Hat and Shade

Hero Image

Wide Full Brim Sun Hat

Alternate Image 1

Kishigo Lime Reflective Hard Hat Sun Shield

SKU#: 1212810
Alternate Image 1

Kishigo Orange Reflective Hard Hat Sun Shade

SKU#: 1212813

A Simple Cooling Tip

Chill out by using items you can soak in water and place against your skin in non-restrictive ways. Bandannas, headbands, triangle hats and hard hat inserts are great ways to use evaporative cooling to beat the heat.

Cooling Towels and Sweatbands

Hero Image

Ergodyne Chill-Its Blue Cooling Towel

SKU#: 34312420
Alternate Image 1

Ergodyne Chill-Its 6609 Terry Sweatband

SKU#: 34312440

How to Wear the Multi-Band


Hero Image

Ergodyne Black 6487 Cooling Multi-Band

SKU#: 34342126
Hero Image

Ergodyne Orange 6487 Cooling Multi-Band

SKU#: 34342128
Alternate Image 1

Ergodyne CORE 6485 Navy Multi-Band

SKU#: 34342106
Hero Image

Ergodyne CORE 6485 Lime Multi-Band

SKU#: 34342108
Alternate Image 1

Ergodyne CORE 6485 Flames Multi-Band

SKU#: 34342111
Alternate Image 1

Ergodyne 6485 Multi-Band

SKU#: 34342112

Cooling Sleeves

Hero Image

Ergodyne 6690 XL Blue Cooling Arm Sleeves

SKU#: 34312185
Hero Image

Ergodyne 6690 2XL Blue Cooling Arm Sleeves

SKU#: 34312186

Staying Cool Is A Breeze

Fans cause moving air that makes evaporation happen faster and evaporative aids work that much better. They even help your sweat keep you cooler.


Hero Image

30'' Master High Velocity Pedestal Fan

SKU#: 220MHD30P
Hero Image

36'' Master Direct Drive Barrel Fan

SKU#: 220MHD36D
Hero Image

42'' Master Belt Drive Barrel Fan

Hero Image

20'' Master High Velocity Floor Fan

SKU#: 220MAC20F

Do You Know About Hot Weather Curing?

White Pigmented cures are recommended by the American Concrete (ACI) for exterior concrete curing in hot weather concreting conditions. The white pigment is heat reflecting and assists in keeping the concrete cooler.

Retarders, Finishing Aids & Repair Mortars

Cures & Sealers

OSHA Heat Illness Prevention

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