About Stabila

For more than a century, Stabila has produced innovative, precision-made tools in the time-honored tradition of German craftsmanship.

Top Choice Among Professionals

Stabila is a German manufacturer of specialty measuring and layout tools. Precision measuring tools are easy to use, perform faster and generate more profit making Stabila the preferred choice among professionals globally.

Each tool is factory tested to meet specific job site standards. Stabila is dependable, consistently accurate, and can handle any condition.

Work Proof

Stabila’s team of designers and engineers work closely with craftsmen in the field to create products that are reliable, durable, and precise. Measuring and layout is high risk. Stabila’s tools perform better than advertised which eliminates rework and call backs, improves speed and production, and improve profits.

Why Buy Stabila

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The vials are hand calibrated to the frame to read accurately for life
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  • Vials read the same in both positions
  • Mono-Block Acrylic Vial System prevents vials from shifting when dropped
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  • Shock-absorbing, removable endcaps
  • Wall grippers prevent slipping
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  • Simple calibration system
  • 5 display modes (degrees in 1 or 2 decimal points, percent, feet & inches (rise/run) in decimal, feet & inches in fractions, and mm/m)
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  • Dual screens (front & top) allow easy viewing from any angle
  • Electronic displays illuminate for easy viewing in low light conditions
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  • Flush mounted, Rare Earth magnets which are 5X stronger than standard magnets
  • Fast and accurate readings from any angle
  • Work Hands Free!