Benefits of the HD Supply White Cap Credit Account

Since 1976, White Cap Industries, Inc. has offered "in-house" credit account services to offer you greater range of flexibility and services. Open your HD Supply Construction & Industrial - White Cap Credit Account today or stop by a local branch for details.

Cash Flow Conservation

Regular Terms - under our normal terms of sale, your company will have 30 days to pay for credit purchases, interest free!

Flexible Credit Limits - We work with all of our customers, on an individual basis, to maximize the credit limit amount that can be extended. Call us today and we'll work for you.

Numerous Billing Methods

Your Choice - One billing method can be structured to your choice.

Billing Options - You'll have the ability to be billed by job, by company, or by division.

Good at all HD Supply White Cap Locations and Online - Minimizes the need for creating and maintaining numerous vendor files and records.

Your Purchasing Advantages

Place Orders - In advance of payment and personal appearance.

Uniform Pricing - affords the advantage of uniform pricing by region.

Quick Resolution of Discrepancies - regarding merchandise credits and returns.

Access to Transaction History - you can have a record of all your company's purchases.

Additional Advantages

You'll Be Notified - of all HD Supply White Cap sales and promotions.

Access Your Account Online - Place your orders, view your purchasing history, receive copies of your invoices and obtain information on products, industry news, data sheets and special events related to the construction industry.

Increase or Establish Commercial Credit Experience - by having your own credit account with us.

Personal Consideration - Enjoy the benefit of personal consideration relating to your credit needs.

Download Our Credit Application