Welcome! Learn more about upcoming changes to your account below.

Review the information and samples below to see what will change. The same sales and credit associates you know and trust will continue to give you the exceptional customer service you expect. We’ll be in touch soon, and your local sales team will update you on transition news too.

Beginning Monday, July 16, all A.H. Harris, Kenseal and Harmac back-office operations will be combined with HD Supply White Cap on one operating financial platform. This is the first step in the conversion process for all A.H. Harris branches.

Key Changes

  • Your Invoice and Statement format will change.
  • The remit to address will be:
    HD Supply Construction And Industrial – White Cap
    PO Box 4852
    Orlando, FL 32805-4852

  • You will receive a new HD Supply customer number by mail. You can also find this information on your invoices and statements with examples referenced below.
  • If you have a credit account, you will have access to new online account management tools including downloadable invoices, statements and convenient payment options, through Billtrust. Once you have your customer number, create your WhitecCap.com account and link your terms account here: Account Registration
  • A.H. Harris, Kenseal, Harmac branches are being converted to our sales system in three groups by the end of this year. This first group of branches will convert on 7/23/2018:
    AHH Bristol
    AHH Charlotte
    Kenseal Charlotte
    AHH Charlottesville
    AHH Richmond
    AHH Roanoke

  • Purchase orders to converted branches will need to be created to HD Supply C&I White Cap. POs not created to HD Supply White Cap will be returned to be re-created
  • For A.H. Harris branches not listed above, you can continue to create PO’s to AHH, Kenseal or Harmac.


What happens if I send my payment to the old remit-to address?
Payments sent to the old address will be forwarded to the new one for a period of time.

What online tools are available?

  • Review invoices and statements on our website and download your statement in Excel or QuickBooks
  • See what's been paid and what's outstanding
  • Make payments or purchase items anytime from anywhere
  • Payments are applied more quickly to outstanding balances
  • Invoices and statements via email or mail

Already an A.H. Harris Billtrust user?
  • To access these new features, you will need to register with your new customer number on WhiteCap.com. Once you have your customer number mailed to you, or have received a new invoice or statement, create your WhitecCap.com account and link your terms account here: Account Registration

What about my tax exempt status?
  • If you are sales tax exempt, please send your exempt or resale certificate to [email protected] with a copy of this letter. Make sure HD Supply Construction Supply Ltd. is listed as the seller so your account will be sales tax exempt on future orders

Old Invoice


New Invoice with changes noted

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Old Statement


New Statement with changes noted

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