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Pyramex H2MAX Anti-Fog Coated Glasses

H2MAX Anti-Fog Coating

The innovative technology behind the H2MAX creates a high performing, superior anti-fog coating that is durable enough to withstand repeated cleanings without losing adhesion. Not only does this premium treatment ensure maximum clarity in the most extreme temperature and humid conditions, but it also adds a layer to the lens that is abrasion and chemical resistant. The H2MAX anti-fog coating is made from non-hazardous environmental components. Coating resists scratching from steel wool up to 100g of weight. H2MAX passes ANSI Z87.1 standards for X, CE standards for N and K, and Canadian certification CAN/CSA Z94.3.

40 cm away from the nozzle of the heat steam
No fogging after 1 hour 2 minutes before fogging
Dip lens in water for one hour, then place it 10 cm 60 seconds before fogging 5 seconds before fogging distance above water at 50°C
60 seconds before fogging 5 seconds before fogging
With soap water
Resists 10 times before fogging Cannot resist soap water rinsing
Wipe the lens with a Pyramex towelette on inner side and outer side. Then allow the lens to air dry before the next cleaning.
Resists 20 cleanings before fogging Resists 5 cleanings before fogging

Recommendations for Cleaning

Remove loose debris before cleaning

Rinse with water or a soap and water solution

Use the Pyramex CLEANCLOTH or any other soft cotton or microfiber cloth to gently pat lens dry

H2MAX products can be cleaned with Pyramex lens cleaning towelettes // Do not use abrasive cleaning compounds, solvents, ammonia, or alkaline cleaners

H2MAX Coated Glasses

H2X Anti-fog Coating

H2X provides anti-fog, anti-scratch, and anti-static protection. Even after repeated cleanings, H2X will continue to be effective because the coating is bonded to the lenses. The H2X anti-fog coating is made from non-hazardous environmental components. Coating is waterproof with excellent scratch resistance. H2X passes ANSI Z87.1 standards and Canadian certification CAN/CSA Z94.3.

H2X Coated Glasses

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Pyramex Clear H2X Anti-Fog Ztek Safety Glasses

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Pyramex Clear Anti Fog Tint Body Vent Goggle

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Pyramex Capstone Goggle with Faceshield

SKU#: 263GG504TSHD

AF Coating Glasses

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Pyramex Clear Lens Indirect Vent Goggles

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