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Types of Pressure Washers

White Cap stocks the name brands you trust and depend upon including the industry’s high-quality standard, Mi-T-M. Our inventory includes hand-carry, portable, and stationary; natural gas, gasoline, diesel, or electric; direct or belt drive, and hot or cold water power washers plus all the accessories needed to increase cleaning and disinfecting power.

Cold Water
Great for cleaning thick, caked-on mud off farm, construction, and industrial equipment. Available in gas, diesel, and electric; portable or stationary. All models are powerful energy-efficient tools in a range of PSI/GPM output. Expand the cleaning power with accessories: nozzles, detergents, gutter cleaner attachments, telescoping extension wands, and sand injections to help strip away dirt and paint. 

Tip: A hot water pressure washer is a better choice for cleaning difficult substances like grease, concrete, and oil. Ask a White Cap associate how a hot water pressure washer may provide you with labor savings and to help you select the pressure washer that’s right for your needs.

Hot Water
Best pressure washer for removing the slick, oily residue of grease, oil, asphalt, chemicals, grime plus a variety of difficult substances. It also sanitizes while cleaning. Available in gas, diesel, propane, natural gas, and electric; portable or stationary; and a wide range of PSI/GPM models. Pair a hot water pressure washer with an environmentally friendly quality detergent to remove traces of the most stubborn, caked-on grunge and grease.    

Gas Powered
Provides high-powered versatility and accessible mobility that you need around facilities and jobsites for almost constant use. A gas-powered pressure washer removes obstacles with highly pressurized cleaning in remote locations where electricity isn’t an option. Variety of PSI/GPM ranges. This rugged design, with an internal combustion engine, may need to be winterized depending upon climate. Ask your White Cap rep about how a gas pressure washer can save your business time, money, and increase convenience.

Electric Powered
Great for cleaning and sanitizing indoor spaces without emitting fumes, making your jobsites safer and more environmentally friendly. Quiet and powerful. Increase your cleaning power with a variety of accessories like biodegradable detergents, multi-function nozzles, pivot couplers, and reach those hard-to-get places with telescoping extension wands. Designed for infrequent use on vehicles, patios, decks, and siding.

Portable Pressure Washers
Perfect for when you need to move around large equipment on a jobsite, and makes any surface reachable and washable. Choose from a variety of lightweight hand-carry models and heavy-duty industrial washers on wheels constructed for commercial use. Portable pressure washers are available in gas, electric, hot, or cold models, and each model provides unique cleaning and business advantages.  

Stationary Pressure Washers
Available as hot or cold water, and powered by natural gas, electric, or propane, these powerful compact washers are versatile for multiple applications in shops, garages, warehouses, and many more places. For mobility, mount a stationary pressure washer on a trailer, and go to any jobsite.

Mister Combination Pressure Washers
One of Mi-T-M’s most popular and unique pressure washers! It’s two machines in one compact package. Use the commercial-grade 350 PSI low-pressure misting system to sanitize high-contact surfaces indoors and out, or use as a traditional 1400 PSI cold water pressure washer. Available as an easy-to-use portable or hand-carry model. 

Sanitize inside buildings as well as company vehicles and equipment fleets – anywhere you need to disinfect high-contact surfaces.
Person Using a Rotary Surface Cleaner Pressure Washer on Concrete

Pressure Washers Accessories 

There are dozens of accessory options that can increase your profitability, help grow your business, decrease labor costs, and improve cleaning quality. When choosing accessories, be aware that gas pressure washer accessories are more universal, making them easier to match between manufacturers. Electric pressure washers are more brand-specific, meaning that only accessories from the same manufacturer will be compatible.

Rotary Surface Cleaners
Equipped with a heavy-duty nylon brush to eliminate overspray and to maintain distance between nozzles and the cleaning surface, rotary surface cleaners ensure a balanced and even cleaning pattern. Clean large, flat surfaces faster and easier than with standard cleaning nozzles.

Multi-Function Nozzles
Multiple settings, including low pressure detergent and rinse options, allow you to adjust for multi-function cleaning.

Rotating Nozzles
Decrease cleaning time and increase cleaning power with rotating nozzles offering spray impact with 25-degree coverage. Most styles include a filter to prevent debris from clogging the nozzle, quick connect, and heavy-duty components for durability, reliability, and long life. Use on sidewalks, driveways, track vehicles, peeling paint and concrete surfaces.

White Cap stocks a large selection of biodegradable, environmentally friendly detergents that can be used indoors and out for homes, decks, all-purpose, and heavy-duty degreasers. Available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon, and 55 gallon drums.

Hose Reels
Organized hose storage. Mount directly on washer frames or a wall.  Multiple sizes are available. 

Extended Reach Wands
No spot is out-of-reach with telescoping lightweight, aluminum extended reach wands ranging from 6’5” to 24’. Use on home exteriors, gutters, farm equipment, heavy-duty construction equipment, and multi-story buildings.

Sand Injectors

Wet sand blasting is an efficient and dust-free method to strip away dirt, rust, grease, painted or peeling coatings, and graffiti from steel and concrete surfaces.

Gutter Cleaner
Clean gutters easily without stepping on a ladder with this attachment!

Pivot Coupler
Three different cleaning angles let this pivot coupler clean hard-to-reach areas and tight nooks. Connects between washer wand and nozzle. It’s the perfect accessory for cold water pressure washer. Handles up to 4500 psi.

Shut-Off Ball Valve
Attach this quick connect outlet to easily switch between a pressure washer gun and a rotary surface cleaner.
Discover better prices and location specific benefits