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Mechanical and Plumbing

When it comes to mechanical and plumbing projects, pro contractors know White Cap has the broadest product selection around. But you may not know that we also have the application and technical expertise to help you knock out these projects safely and more efficiently. 

We’re always adding resources to help keep your mechanical and plumbing projects moving, like our how-to articles below that cover applications you’ll encounter on your jobsites.

Firestop Materials

Installing the correct firestop systems can restore wall and floor ratings by increasing their resistance to the spread of fire and smoke. More importantly, these systems can save lives, and reduce fire damage to structures.

Firestop Applications

Firestop is a detailed process with many different applications. Learn the importance of implementing proper fire barriers to curtain walls, interior finishing, and wood frames, and how to boost overall building safety through proper fire protection.

Firestop Maintenance

Once a building is complete, it’s important that all its firestop components are inspected and maintained on a regular schedule. These components can be altered by new cable installations and can also break down over time.

Gloves By Trade

Construction work is rough on hands, so learn to keep them safe. Choosing the right gloves can offer maximum dexterity while protecting your hands from cuts, abrasions, chemical burns, rough materials, and the elements.

Fall Protection

OSHA recognizes that incidents involving falls are generally complex events, frequently involving a variety of factors. Consequently, the standard for fall protection deals with both the human and equipment-related issues in protecting workers from fall hazards.

White Cap - Total Jobsite Solution

Give These Products a Try
Check these products to help you complete mechanical and plumbing projects on time, on budget, and as safely as possible. 

Safety and Consumable Products

Tools and Equipment

Anchoring and Fasteners

Concrete and Chemicals


RainBuster 900 Stone Gray Sealant 10 oz.

SKU#: 145900GC
Hero Image

Sika 10 oz. Sikaflex-1A Polyurethane Sealant

SKU#: 438431242
Hero Image

Quikrete 80Lb Concrete Mix 5000Psi

SKU#: 227HSCM805K

Rapid Set Concrete Mix 60 Lb.

SKU#: 433RSCM60
Alternate Image 1

Quikrete 80-Lb Concrete Mix

SKU#: 433CM804K
Hero Image

Sika 10 oz. Sikaflex-1A Polyurethane Sealant

SKU#: 438431247


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