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The Importance of Shade

The Importance of Shade, Tents, and Personal Protective Shade 

Shade is the second element championed by OSHA to protect workers from heat. Not all jobsites will have shade to keep the workspace cooler. Fortunately, there are a number of artificial tools that provide shade when you cannot use natural shade to reduce the temperature of your crew. Tents can be pitched around work areas when large construction vehicles are not in use. Hard hats and other wider brimmed hats can provide personal shade when workers cannot work in natural shade or under a tent.
Shade should be provided in your work areas whenever possible. Shade and cooling from PPE can help your crew when natural or engineered shade is not available. However, shade and cooler environments must be provided in places where workers rest.

Take Frequent Breaks

Your body needs breaks to recover from stress that extreme heat puts on your system. Failure to provide breaks just isn't against the law--it could lead to heat exhaustion or death.

Tips on Choosing a Shelter From Our Partner EZ-Up

  •   Identify Your Needs
  •   Alum vs. Steel Frame
  •   Canopy Material
  •   Accessorize
  •   Custom Logo Options 

Shade & Accessory Solutions

Personal Shade: Hard Hat Shades & Hats

Hero Image

Wide Full Brim Sun Hat

Alternate Image 1

Kishigo Lime Reflective Hard Hat Sun Shield

SKU#: 1212810
Alternate Image 1

Kishigo Orange Reflective Hard Hat Sun Shade

SKU#: 1212813

Ergodyne 6660 Lime Hard Hat Brim with Shade

SKU#: 34312640

Knowing the Signs of Heat Stress and Having First Aid on Site

Having protective measures in place is a good start, but it is important to ensure your staff knows the symptoms of heat stress.
  • Heat rash is an early sign of heat stress, and results in red spots and bumps, often in areas of the body with restrictive clothing.

  • Heat cramps are another early sign that a worker is beginning to overheat. When a worker’s muscles begin to spasm, it should be treated as a sign that they are overheating, and they should rest.

  • Heat exhaustion is more serious and can lead to heat stroke if a person does not seek to cool down. It includes increased pulse rate and sweating, headaches and vertigo, nausea, irritability, and feeling weak. Drinking and resting can help to alleviate the problem.

  • Heat stroke is a serious, potentially fatal heat illness. If a worker begins to act confused, slurs their speech, or exhibits an altered mental state, this could be an early sign of heat stroke. If ignored, it can result in seizures and loss of consciousness and even death.

As heat stress can rapidly progress, it is vital to have first aid on the jobsite to address heat related symptoms and conditions. There should also be a competent person(s) available at each jobsite who are trained in how to provide first aid for heat-related symptoms.

Heat Stress & First Aid

Hero Image

Heat Stress First Aid Responder Kit

SKU#: 444BR12536
Hero Image

ironwear Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer

SKU#: 1217095

16.9 Fl Oz Purified Bottled Water 24/PK

SKU#: 342PRLNIA05L24

Fiamm Air Horn with 8 oz. Can

SKU#: 104MH1

Popular Sunscreen Options

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