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The Importance of Keeping Cool

Keeping Cool to Avoid Overheating

Heat stress and heat-related illnesses can be incredibly serious, yet they are relatively easy to prevent by putting the right measures in place. This is why it is so important to ensure that workers are able to stay cool. 

There needs to be time built into the work schedule to ensure your crew stops to rest in a cooler place and drink plenty of water. When heat is caused by the season or time of day, it will likely be necessary to increase the number of breaks to ensure people are drinking as much as they need. Resting can both make workers more aware of how they are feeling, as well as lowering their body temperature. When they aren’t physically active, their body temperature will decrease. 

To keep workers safer, OSHA recommends that they be provided plenty of water, rest, and shade while on the jobsite.

A Simple Cooling Tip

Chill out by using items you can soak in water and place against your skin in non-restrictive ways. Bandannas, headbands, triangle hats and hard hat inserts are great ways to use evapoorative cooling to beat the heat.
Heat stress - Keeping Cool with a Multiband

Multiband Features

  • Blocks out Wind & Dust
    Ultimate protection from the elements

  • Comfortable Face Coverage
    Inline with CDC recommendations for cloth face covers in public

  • Machine Washable
    For clean re-use

  • Multiple Ways to Wear
    Wide variety of style and and usage configurations

  • Low Profile
    Can be worn with or without a hardhat

  • Moisture Wicking
    When dry, will abosorb sweat and wick moisture away

  • Antibacterial Treatment
    Reduces odors caused by sweat

Popular Cooling Solutions


Ergodyne Chill-Its 6485 Hi-Vis Lime Multi-Band

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Ergodyne 6602 Blue Evaporative Cooling Towel

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Ergodyne 6609 Gray Terry Sweatband

SKU#: 34312440

Ergodyne 6690 L Blue Cooling Arm Sleeves

SKU#: 34312184

Staying Cool is a Breeze

Fans cause moving air that makes evaporation happen faster and evaproative aids work that much better. They even help your sweat keep you cooler.

Fans & Evaporators

Hero Image

30'' Master High Velocity Pedestal Fan

SKU#: 220MHD30P
Hero Image

36'' Master Direct Drive Barrel Fan

SKU#: 220MHD36D
Hero Image

20'' Master High Velocity Floor Fan

SKU#: 220MAC20F
Hero Image

Portacool Jetstream PACJS2501A1 Jetstream 250 Portacool

SKU#: 598PACJS2501A1
Hero Image

Portacool Jetstream PACJS2601A1 Jetstream 260 Portacool

SKU#: 598PACJS2601A1
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