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White Cap Firestop Services

With the right products and installation, firestop systems help restore the floor and wall rating where it is penetrated by an object or joint to help resist the spread of smoke and fire. Fine tuning this part of the firestop system can save lives and better contain the fire to reduce damage to the building.

Firestop products improve building acoustics by blocking gaps that can carry sound. They can also help reduce building movement, minimizing post-earthquake impacts, thermal movement of piping systems, structural deflection, and vibration in industrial facilities. Firestops also improve sustainability and a building’s green rating to meet LEED certifications.

Complete Inventory of All the Top Fire Code Compliant Products

You need to have the right materials for each firestop job. To ensure you get the right materials and products, we partner with leading suppliers and stock UL Listed products. We offer single-source firestopping to ensure proper and compliant installation so you have the best products for every project.

Fire Protection Strips and Collars

These firestop components offer convenient and cost-effective ways to protect plastic pipe, insulated pipe and cable, blank and other penetrations in fire-rated walls, floor and floor/ceiling assemblies.

Fire Protection Pillows, Sheets, and Wools

These components are designed for use in through-penetration firestops, such as cable trays, conduit, and blank openings. These self-contained, intumescent products expand and lock in place in the event of a fire, helping prevent the spread of smoke, fire, and toxic gases.

Fire Protection Mortar and Putty

Mixing mortars with water forms a heat-absorbing firestop that helps provide fire protections in through penetrations in fire-rated floor and wall assemblies. Versatile mortar can be either mixed self-leveling or non-sag, and it adheres to a range of construction substrates and penetrants. It also acts as a heat sink, reducing the chance of fire on unexposed sides of the assembly. Intumescent putty can be easily formed to firestop through penetrations and blank openings in fire-rated assemblies.

Fire Protection Caulks and Silicones

Firestop sealants dry and form monolithic seals to act as a barrier to airborne sound transmission. They help control the spread of fire, smoke, and noxious gases.

Even if you have been in the business for decades, fire safety measures and requirements are constantly evolving. Our experts can help you assess what you need for each project.


Training is a critical component to ensure your plans are executed properly. We have firestop specialists who can provide guidance on which materials and products are best for each unique project. Our specialists make custom training available by partnering with the top brands in the industry like 3M and STI. Our team also offers guidance on engineering judgements, plan reviews, and specification submittals to meet any project needs and every code requirement.

On-site Consultations

Even if you have the right tools and your employees are trained, it is always helpful to have someone to verify approaches to the more complicated problems. Our firestop specialists are available to join you on your jobsite to help address unexpected and complex problems.

With issues as complicated as fire safety, a second pair of eyes can catch things that you missed or find a solution that will better address unexpected problems.

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