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Descent & Rescue

The final part of the ABCDs of Fall Arrest is “Descent and Rescue.” Before a fall has even occurred, it is important to have a plan in place to determine how to manage the descent and rescue. OSHA requires a Fall Protection Plan be developed and evaluated on a site-by-site basis. Quick determination of whether to lower or raise a fallen worker to safety is vital. You also need to decide where help will come from once a fallen worker is safely on the ground. Determine whether there is someone onsite trained to administer medical treatment or if you need to engage an area emergency response agency. Invest in a rescue kit that includes specific equipment for this purpose. Learn what it takes to make an adequate fall protection plan and stay calm when it comes time to put it into action. 

construction-worker-hanging -from-safety-harness

Suspension Trauma

In the case of a fall, a worker can experience the negative effects of suspension trauma in as little as 15 minutes. Therefore, prompt rescue is vital to their health and safety. Look for symptoms such as: nausea, breathlessness, sweating, fainting, dizziness, among others.


Types of Rescue

There are three types of rescue: self-assisted recovery, pick-offs, and confined space rescue. Ensure your crew is familiar with all of these types and ready to act. There may be just minutes to determine which one to employ, so timing is of the essence.

Descent & Rescue

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Guardian Fall Protection Halo Tripod

SKU#: 12120001
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Guardian Fall Protection Trauma Strap

SKU#: 12110733
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DBI-SALA Suspension Trauma Safety Straps

SKU#: 2309501403
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