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Choosing the Right Safety Glasses

What's the most important feature in choosing safety glasses?

Even with all the safety features that modern safety glasses offer, the most important features to look for are comfort and fit. A comfortable, good-fitting pair of safety glasses promotes compliance. If the pair you choose doesn't give you both, you'll probably find reasons not to wear them.

Are there comfort features to look for in safety eyewear?

Each person's head has its own shape and size, and fit is personal choice, so adjustability is a big plus. Better frames feature adjustable nose pads and a choice of temple lengths. And don't forget to look for rubber cushioned temple tips. They're a big help in keeping glasses in place and relieving pressure.

What are the important safety features in frames?

Generally, you want frames that offer as much coverage as possible. Wrap-around sport styled frames provide great coverage and a cool look. Ratcheting temples offer the ability to pivot coverage of your brow and cheekbones. Vented frames are a key feature too because they keep lenses fog free.

Frameless Safety Glasses

Not your dad’s safety eyeglasses. Modern, handsome, but rugged wraparound designs are lighter weight for all-day comfort, unobstructed peripheral vision, and extended eye and side shield protection. Great for non-glass wearers. Incredible selection of styles and sizes including Over-the-Glass (OTG) styles that fit comfortably over prescription eyewear.

Popular Safety Glasses - Frameless

Half-Frame Safety Glasses

Stylish. Light weight but heavy duty. All-day comfort. Wraparound lens design, in many models, add enhanced peripheral protection and distortion-free viewing. Large selection of colors, adjustable nose pads, temple styles, and sizes for all head shapes.

Popular Safety Glasses - Half Frame

Full-Frame Safety Glasses

Athletic-styled, light weight, but tough, sturdy full frame designs score comfort and style in any work situation requiring full eye protection. Modern styles to meet every fit and budget. Get safety glasses that your crew will want to wear.

Popular Safety Glasses - Full Frame

Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

A special surface coating that offers clear vision by eliminating fogging, reducing accidents, and decreased productivity caused by blurred vision. Perfect for restaurants, food plants, cleaning operations or any high-humidity environment.

Popular Safety Glasses - Anti-Fog

Is one pair of safety glasses good for all types of jobs?
If you’re just getting one pair of safety glasses, be sure that they offer the highest UV ray protection you can get and are clear or lightly tinted so they are usable indoors or outside. And it’s best to choose the vented frames to be sure your vision will be fog-free when you’re in the middle of a task.

Are there lenses that are best for working on jobs indoors?
Clear frames are always a good choice for working inside, but there are even better choices out there. Special amber lenses and shooter’s amber styles are specifically designed to enhance contrast and keep eye strain to a minimum in low light conditions.

Are there lenses that are best for working on jobs outside?
If you spend most of your time working outside then a high UV-A and UV-B ray protection lens is a must have. Mirrored lens coatings are a good choice too because they really cut down on glare. There are a wide variety of tinted or colored lenses to choose from that enhance depth perception or just cut down the brightness of sunshine.

What if I’m working in close proximity to welding or heavy cutting?
Top selling safety eyewear brands offer highly specialized frames with lenses featuring 3.0 IR or 5.0 IR filters that can give you some extra protection if you’re working in an area where welding, light brazing or heavy cutting takes place. Of course, if you’re doing the welding yourself you’ll need welding-specific googles or masks to perform the task safely.

Reader Safety Glasses

When you need a little magnification for detail, close ups, or computer work, reader safety glasses get the job done. Offered in 0.25 increments up to 3.0, safety readers provide on-the-job eye protection when it's needed. Don't forget cleaning wipes and anti-fog lens treatments for humid situations.

Popular Safety Glasses

Safety Goggles

Designed to fit comfortably but snugly around your eyes, wraparound goggles provide extra protection from unexpected hazards such as liquid splashes, impact, dust, and airborne particles. Some styles fit comfortably over prescription glasses. Choose from direct vent, indirect vent, or non-vented in a variety of frame materials, headband straps, and clear or tinted. And to make sure your goggles never fog, use our anti-fog treatment wipes.

Popular Safety Goggles
Alternate Image 1

Pyramex Clear Lens Indirect Vent Goggles

SKU#: 263G704T
Hero Image

Pyramex Perforated Safety Goggle

SKU#: 175G201
Hero Image

Pyramex Anti-Fog Splash Goggle

SKU#: 263G204T
Hero Image

Pyramex Capstone Shield Clear Anti-Fog

SKU#: 263GG504TSHD

Side Shields, Cords & Cleaners

White Cap has everything you need for eye and face protection, including lanyards, slip-on universal side shields, splash visors, anti-fogging lens treatments, plus cleaning wipes so you and your crew always have a clear view. 
Hero Image

Pyramex Clear Sideshields for Spectacles

SKU#: 263SS100
Hero Image

Pyramex Black Cotton Cord For Safety Glasses

Alternate Image 1

Pyramex Lens Cleaner 100/Box

SKU#: 263LCT100
Hero Image

Pyramex Lens Cleaning Station - Small

SKU#: 263LCS10

Hard Hat Face Shields & Brackets

For extended yey and full-face protection, choose from a wide selection of single and multi-use visor face shields, universal fit, full-face, curved, or splash shields. A large selection of corresponding cap-style and full-brim, hard-hat brackets are available. 
Hero Image

Pyramex Alum Headgear Bracket - Full Brim

Hero Image

Pyramex Alum Headgear Bracket - Cap

Hero Image

Pyramex Clear Poly Faceshield

SKU#: 263S1020
Alternate Image 1

Pyramex Clear Poly Faceshield 8 x 15 No Rim

SKU#: 263S1010
Hero Image

Pyramex Faceshield 8 x 15.5 Black Steel Mesh

SKU#: 263S1060

Digging Deeper

Check out these links for more information on Eye Protection on the jobsite check out these links:

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

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