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Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention is Key 

Training your crew how to respond to a fire that breaks out on your jobsite is of paramount importance. But even more important is training them how to prevent a construction fire from occurring in the first place.

Few things can derail a construction project like fire. Whether it’s during the construction, demolition, or renovation stage, a fire breaking out at a construction site can cause a great deal of damage, if not completely destroy it.

According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), local fire departments responded to an estimated average of 3,840 fires in structures under construction and 2,580 fires in structures under major renovation per year in 2013 through 2017. The combined total damages from these type of fires averages more than $400M annually.

Dig into the details and read about what you can do to protect your jobsites from fire damage.

How to Create a Fire Safety Plan

Construction fires are often caused by carelessness, like throwing a lit cigarette butt on the ground, unmanaged hot work, or improperly stored combustibles and chemicals. As contractors, it’s our responsibility to create and implement effective Fire Safety Programs to keep our crews safe and protect our projects.

3 Steps to Jobsite Fire Safety

While fires on construction sites are not common, they still happen. Most fires are small and localized in nature, but without the proper precautions they can cause significant damage and even loss of life. Fire extinguishers can save lives and mitigate property damage by putting out fires or containing them until the fire department can arrive.

The Evolution of Firestopping

Firestops have evolved with fire safety codes to meet changing requirements in commercial building codes. Upgrades to high-rise regulations and technological advances have led to new innovations to develop more effective fire-resistive envelopes. Learn how fire regulators and industry groups work together to improve safety in larger structures.

Fire Safety Checklist for Construction Sites

This checklist covers selected construction regulations issued by the U.S. Department of Labor, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) under 29 CFR 1926. It applies to temporary worksites associated with construction, alteration, demolition, and repair including painting and decorating.

Shop Fire Prevention and Firestop Materials

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Popular Type II Safety Cans

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Justrite 5 Gal. Type II Red Gas Can 5/8" Hose

SKU#: 1047250120
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Justrite 5 Gal. Type II Red Safety Gas Can

SKU#: 1047250130
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Justrite 5 Gal. Type II Yellow Diesel Can

SKU#: 1047250220

Popular Safety Cabinets

Whether you are looking for training, single source projects, off-site consultation, or a wide range of the top firestop products, we can help.

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