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Erosion Control and Geosynthetics

How to Accurately Estimate Erosion Control Materials

Erosion control is an important part of land management. When done correctly, it protects valuable resources and helps maintain the natural beauty of a property. However, many people are unsure of how to accurately estimate the amount of erosion control materials they need. Here we will provide some tips to help you do just that.

How to Stabilize Different Types of Slopes

There are many ways to stabilize different types of slopes. Creating a stable slope is important for preventing erosion and keeping people and property safe. Here we'll discuss some of the most popular methods for stabilizing slopes. We'll also provide tips for choosing the right method for your specific needs.

Long-term Solutions for Climate Change Resilience

Climate change affects everyone, and it's important to be aware of long-term solutions for climate change resilience. We'll discuss solar energy and an earth-armoring system that protects the UA Solar Zone, the largest solar power test facility in the U.S., from extreme weather events.

Decoding "Or Equal" in a Bid Specification

When it comes to writing a bid specification, the term "or equal" can often be confusing. This is because, on the surface, it appears to give bidders the opportunity to offer a similar product or service that meets the required specifications. However, strict guidelines must be followed when using this term in a bid specification. Here we will decode "or equal" in a bid specification and explain what it really means.

Perimeter and Sediment Control with Silt Fences

Silt fences provide effective sediment control and prevent erosion when installed correctly around construction sites where water is likely to flow during storms. We'll discuss various types of silt fences and stakes, their advantages and disadvantages, installation techniques, and tips for maintaining them.

Uses and Benefits of Wattles

Erosion control in construction projects is essential to prevent sediment from leaving the site and causing environmental damage. Silt fences and stakes and wattles are two common methods used to control erosion. This article will discuss wattles, their use, and their benefits in erosion control.

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