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Brand Assets

Welcome to White Cap’s brand guidelines and assets resource center for our preferred supplier partners.

Note: By using these resources, you accept our Terms of Service. Usage of these resources is also be covered by the White Cap End User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Our Logos

The White Cap business unit logo includes the White Cap name and icon and is available in a linear or stacked layout. Please use the format that best fits the use case and honors our clear space and usage requirements.

Approved Use Cases: Associate Apparel, Customer Apparel, Promotional Items, Marketing and Sales Support Collateral

For use on light color backgrounds

By clicking the link below, I agree to White Cap’s Trademark Use Guidelines

For use on dark color backgrounds

By clicking the link below, I agree to White Cap’s Trademark Use Guidelines

For use on light color backgrounds

By clicking the link below, I agree to White Cap’s Trademark Use Guidelines

For use on dark color backgrounds

By clicking the link below, I agree to White Cap’s Trademark Use Guidelines

A one-color version of our logo may be used in select applications.

Approved Use Cases: High Visibility Apparel and other apparel applications with color limitations

Our Colors

PMS (PANTONE) Color Specification or “Spot Color” are used to specify an exact color match. All other color formats are an interpretation of the PMS color.

  • Applications: On-press print and screen-printing
  • File formats: Vector - .ai & EPS

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black) Color is a four-color breakdown of the PMS color.

  • Applications: Four-color printing process
  • File Formats: Rastor - .psd, .TIF

RGB Color is a format for digital presentation.

  • Applications: Web, email and video.
  • Formats: Rastor - JPEG and PNG

Grayscale is a “black and white” conversion of a color.

  • Application: Black and white printing process.
  • *Note: Do not use when any aspect of the yellow is present.

Apparel Guidance

Please contact White Cap Brand Marketing regarding apparel for customers and associates. We can work with you on the best solution.


Collateral & Advertising Guidance

If you have questions regarding co-branded marketing collateral, please reach out to the White Cap Marketing Team. For quick reference:

  • White Cap SKU numbers should be included for all featured products.
  • White Cap contact information – “For more information call your local branch 800.944.8322 or visit”

Note: If there is an offer, promotion or pricing, the collateral must also include White Cap disclaimers and be approved by White Cap's Marketing Team.

Private Label Product Guidance

Contact for private label artwork information.

Event Guidance

Signage and literature for events must be reviewed and approved by the White Cap Events Team prior to production.

Clear Space & Minimum Size

In all applications, the clear space around the logo should equal the width of the letter H in the logo. Any background inside this clear space should be even, unpatterned, and free from typography or any other graphical elements. If the logo is used directly on a photographic image, the clear space area must still provide good contrast between the background and logo, as well as be even in tone and pattern-free. For maximum impact in graphic environments, the minimum clear space must be maintained. The minimum width that may be reproduced is 1.25 inches for the logo. For special usage at sizes smaller than this, contact the White Cap Marketing Department.

Logo Misuse

It is critical for all logos to consistently appear as specified in this document. Improper use dilutes and lessens its value as an instantly recognizable brand. The following are a few examples of how NOT to use the White Cap logo. Such deviations weaken our brand. Any modifications to the White Cap brand must be approved by contacting the White Cap Marketing Department.

Restrictions on Naming & Logos

Partner Restrictions

Your logo should not include, or look similar to the White Cap logo or any of its brand elements (i.e. the hard hat icon). Please do not incorporate White Cap’s trademarks in the name of your company, product, application, service, or website.

Endorsement Guidelines

To protect our brand integrity, White Cap generally prohibits the use of its name for commercial endorsement purposes. Exceptions may occur if there is significant advantage to White Cap demonstrated under the following approval criteria:

  • The endorsement will align our brand with a highly respected, well-known and/or reputable business, and such alignment is important to us at the time of the request;


  • The endorsement is the result of a business agreement in which White Cap will receive a financial benefit or some other significant value, and such use of our name is a key to obtaining that benefit or value


  • Company-paid sponsorships
  • Signage for a specific, pre-approved event
  • Approved case studies or other research materials
  • Joint press releases; reviewed and approved by authorized agents of White Cap

All requests for external use of the White Cap name and/or brandmark (logo) must be forwarded to the White Cap Marketing Department for consideration. Please provide the request in writing with an example of how the brand (logo) is to be used. In each case, the request must address the above criteria and be endorsed by the White Cap Marketing Department. Please allow five (5) business days for review and response. CONTACT Please contact the White Cap Marketing Department.

By using the White Cap marks you agree to follow these guidelines as well as our Terms of Service and all of our rules and policies. White Cap reserves the right to cancel, modify, or change the permission in these guidelines at any time at its sole discretion. For further information about use of the White Cap name and trademarks, please contact

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